Individual, Marital & Family Clinical Services

Dr. Barrett provides out patient therapy to individuals, couples and families. He has specific training and experience in treating marriages that are in trouble or at risk, as well as specializing in Family Treatment when appropriate. He has experience in treating troubled adolescents, persons with drug and alcohol problems and providing re-unification therapy when there is a breach in the relationship between parent and child.


He is a trained mediator and has extensive experience with high conflict marriages both pre and post dissolution. He has served as a mediator on child custody and these matters as set forth in San Diego County Local Court Rule 5.10.3. He is also an approved 730 child custody evaluator.


Dr. Barrett has 30yrs of experience serving as an expert witness in the following areas:

Child custody evaluations
Personal injury
Professional malpractice and License revocation
Sexual harassment
Downward departures in criminal matters

Testamentary capacity
Child abuse and neglect
Domestic violence

He has experience as an expert for plaintiffs and defendants doing psychological evaluations, reviewing cases and testifying at depositions and trials.