“Dear Dr. Barrett, after the last round of three sessions with you, my husband and I are so much happier with each other-and ourselves. We have recommitted to the necessity to see you every year (around our anniversary) for a check-up, since you are able to clarify for both of us what is going on in our relationship that isn’t healthy, giving us the advice and tools we need so that we can grow old together happily. After all, we wouldn’t be together today without your gifted professional expertise. In 1995 we were breaking up after 8 years together, when as a last ditch effort, we decided to try counseling with you. As you know, instead of separating, we got married, and that would not have happened without you. We both thank you for your insight, your humor and your ability to get to the bottom of things, and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who needs and is ready to get the help you so generously provide.

Profetionals association tha Dr. Barret is a member [Psychology Today],[California Association of Marriage and Family therapists] and [American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy]