Our business was in trouble when the auditor contacted me (the President and father) at the end of the fiscal year and informed me that more than $200,000 was missing from our business account. Ours was a small family business founded by me more than 20 years ago. My oldest son was the general manager in the business and his sister was the controller. My wife and the children’s mother worked part time and peripherally in the business. We soon determined that my daughter had embezzled more than $200,000 from the business to her own personal accounts.

We hired Dr. Barrett as a consultant and in a short time were able to determine that my daughter had a significant drug problem. There was intense rivalry between the two siblings and although my son was perfectly capable of running the company, I found myself unwilling to give up control and in denial about my daughter’s drug problem. A series of consultations with Dr. Barrett helped us to intervene with my daughter and eventually get her into rehab. He encouraged reorganization in our family, which allowed my wife to play a more important part in the business, encouraged me to give more authority and responsibility to my son and eventually to reintegrate my daughter back into the business. We then developed a transition plan with our attorneys and accountants with consultation from Dr. Barrett to allow the children to take over the business. Dr. Barrett’s input and consultation were invaluable to our family and our business and I recommend him highly

Profetionals association tha Dr. Barret is a member [Psychology Today],[California Association of Marriage and Family therapists] and [American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy]