Dr. Barrett, quite literally, saved our marriage. In the first year after our wedding, my wife and I could not see beyond my own self-centered interests. Dr. Barrett helped us put our relationship first and learn how to transcend anger and resentment. Ten years later, we enjoy a loving and successful marriage, and we’ve recommended […]


Our business was in trouble when the auditor contacted me (the President and father) at the end of the fiscal year and informed me that more than $200,000 was missing from our business account. Ours was a small family business founded by me more than 20 years ago. My oldest son was the general manager […]


“Dear Dr. Barrett, after the last round of three sessions with you, my husband and I are so much happier with each other-and ourselves. We have recommitted to the necessity to see you every year (around our anniversary) for a check-up, since you are able to clarify for both of us what is going on […]


Thank you again for the wonderful report you wrote on behalf of my client. It was your usual insightful and brilliant analysis of research. The report was critical in the ultimate success of the sentence rendered. It is your creative ways of thinking, always outside the box. I’m so very grateful.


In addition to my clients, I wish to thank you on behalf of my staff and myself. Your input on this case was an important cornerstone to our success. I have found that over the years that the difference between success and defeat, is more often than not, measured in terms of the quality of […]


During the fourteen years during which I practiced Family Law, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Breffni Barrett on many custody cases. I always found him to be well prepared, honest, and consistently and professionally displaying good, sound judgment. He has an outstanding reputation among the Family Law Bar, and he is an […]


I have practiced law in the State of California for over 30 years with the majority of my cases involving child custody issues. During my years of practice, I have had the opportunity to observe Dr. Barrett’s forensic work in the field of psychology. I have utilized his services as a forensic expert in the […]